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Fr4 G10 Fiberglass CNC Machining Parts [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Product Description

1. Base
We can according customer's drawing to process diversified parts. The processing parts have the same properties as epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet, such as high mechanical and dielectric properties, fine heat and humidity resistance, at the same time the processing parts have their special shape to adapt to different applications.

1, High mechanical properties and dielectric properties 
2, Good heat resistance and machinability 
3, Low water absorption and not easily deformed. 
4, Good dry wet electrical properties, the flame retardant level could reach Class UL94-V0 

Made from special electronic cloth that impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin and other materials by high temperature and pressure hot plate laminate. 

Insulation requirements of high-performance electronic products, The potential carbon printed glass fiber, precision test plate electric(Electrical) insulation stays partition, insulation pads, transformer insulation boards, electrical insulation parts, grinding gears, etc. 

5. Capability
We have the ability to machine electric insulation laminates into many customize sizes and shapes according to drawing specifications. Typical applications include: Gasket, terminal board, test board, washer, bushing, bearing, gear, spacer, socket and insulator.

6. Method
Machining Capability include CNC Milling, Lathe turning/drilling/ routing, Die cutting etc.
These are the insulation workpiece by using the electronic-grade glass fiber cloth and epoxy / phenolic resins, then go through by molding production process; Products have excellent flameproof performance, insulation properties, mechanical properties, the indicators have reached IPC4101 and JIS6912 standards;

And this insulation mat used in petroleum industries, used for transportation tube, can insure the safety, cause it is have the characterity of high strength, anti aging, anti corrsion, insulation propeties ect.
Our company have hot-pressing machine, precision punching machine, precision CNC drilling & milling machine, cutting machine, Slitting machine, high-speed washing machine, good quality is based on the nice equipment. According to customer drawings or samples, we can offer the service for spliting, Grinding, Milling, drilling and ect, the adopted raw materials In line with the EU RoHS Directive, we can provide environmental and halogen-free FR4 fiberglass sheet material.
The workpiece shown in this photo are for your reference only. The actual products will be exactly produced according to your special requirements.

No. Projects Unit FR4 Result G10 Result
1 Flexural strength perpendicular to lamination A Mpa 494 494
B   473 473
2 Impact strength parallel to
laminations (Charpy)     
A KJ/m 2 66.7 66.7
B 45.3 45.3
3 laminations (Charpy)                
Dielectric strength perpendicular to
laminations (in 90±2°C transformer
oil,1mm in thickness)
  MV/m 10.7 10.7
4 Breakdown voltage parallel to laminations (in 90±2°C
transformer oil)
  KV 54.6 54.6
5 Insulation resistance after
impregnated in water
A Ω 1.5*10 13 1.5*10 13
B 1.7*10 13 1.7*10 13
6 Dissipation factor   / 3.3*10 -2 3.3*10 -2
7 Dielectric constant (1MHz)   / 5.14 5.14
8 Water absorption   mg 6.5 6.5
9 Combustibility class V-O HB
10 Adhesive strength N 5221 5221

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